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Hamilton Park

Hamilton Park has remained the centerpiece of the Hamilton Park Historic District in downtown Jersey City from

the time of its inception in 1851. Tree-lined streets with rows of Victorian brownstone homes border the 5.4-acre residential square, giving the area its picturesque streetscape. It was John B. Coles, a Federalist from New York, who initiated the plan for a public park in Jersey City to be named for Alexander Hamilton in 1800.

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Lincoln Park

Lincoln Park, built in 1905, was part of the “City Beautiful” national parks movement aimed at revitalizing industrialized communities and providing residents with public space for recreational activities. Designed by Daniel W. Langton and Charles N. Lowrie, both founding members of the American Society of Landscape Architects, the park now consists of 21 tennis courts, 7 baseball fields, a cricket pitch, 5 basketball courts, 3 playgrounds, 2 football fields and a running track. The Lincoln Park Fountain, a 365-ton stone sculpture and the centerpiece to the park, was designed by Pierre J. Cheron in 1911. Originally costing $6,500 to build, this majestic fountain just underwent a recent $7.2 million dollar renovation. 

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