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A calm Refuge in a busy neighborhood, Wurstbar’sdécor spares no expense in creating a cozy, rustic dining experience with vintage decor from old butcher shops, a large marble countertop and both small and communal tables. 

Wurstbar is known for it’s fine sausages and wide range of ciders and beers.

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Hamilton Inn

Amid modest décor of reclaimed wood and original brick, their seasonal dishes make use of fresh ingredients to maximize comfort and  ease. Whether it’s for brunch, dinner or a cocktail, Hamilton Inn offers a cozy reprieve to the frenetic buzz of city living. A place designed to socialize, savor and share.

A note from the owners: “The Hamilton Inn has given us the opportunity to give back to the city we love so much. We've created this place for you. Enjoy the menu on your own terms, eat simple, eat sustainable, eat good food with no strings attached.”

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