24 Hours in Downtown

A selection of places to eat, shop and visit in Jersey City.



“Starting the day off right, a great cup of coffee, good breakfast served in a beautiful setting by someone who cares you are there.” 

530 Jersey Ave.

This jewel box boulangerie and café bakes all its breads in the traditional European way, using only 4 basic ingredients – flour, water, leaven, and a little bit of salt. From the sweet side with Viennoiseries (classic French breakfast pastries)and fruit tartes to the savory selection of classics, like sandwiches, quiches, soups and salads all made using the finest and most simple ingredients, in the most authentic French way.



when we slow down to observe our surroundings we allow ourselves the space to fully appreciate the beauty in our everyday

liberty state park

1 Audrey Zapp Road

·      Liberty State Park made up of 1,212 acres with miles of green open space, parks, and restaurants alongside the Statue of Liberty. Attend one of the many festivals, celebrations, live music and lawn performances or spend the day taking in views of the most beautiful city skyline in the world.



Places that provide a quiet REPRIEVE from our busy city lives

hamilton pork

247 10th Street

Celebrating the longtime tradition of smoking food for maximum taste, Hamilton Pork creates familiar recipes built around staple ingredients. Thoughtful, uncomplicated food served in a comfortable atmosphere. Enjoy a heart-warming meal amongst neighborhood friends in the scent of wood-fired food crafted with skill and made with love.



selected with care and curated with you in mind


Places to fill your stomach, heart and soul in the evening hours

Atlas Public house

130 Newark Ave.

The core philosophy behind Atlas Public House is to create a certain old world hospitality - a cozy, intimate, communal experience - that both local residents and visitors can appreciate amongst the exciting, vast array of choices in Jersey City.