Photographic Jersey city

Jersey City has a lot of amazing places to capture life's moments. Here is a roundup of the places we go back to again and again! Art Murals: Jersey City has amazing street art scattered around town. (Tip dress up in all white or black so that you stand out in front of the bright colors)

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The Jersey City Mural Arts Program links established and emerging local, national and international mural artists with property owners city-wide as part of an innovative beautification program that reduces graffiti, engages local residents and is transforming Jersey City into an outdoor art gallery.
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Waterfront: The skyline, the water, the boats and the greenery make for an amazing place to head to for photographs. Just make sure to account for the wind and cooler temps. Tip: Sunset on sunny days get's very bright - be thoughtful on time of shoot based on the background you intend to capture

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Parks: Local parks are not just for kids and playing. Find your local park here.

Tip: Make sure to pick a time of day that won't be too busy with park goers. You'll spend most of the time waiting for people to pass by.

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Hit the streets: Find the beautiful places that you walk day in and day out and head out.

Tip: Dress casually and feel at ease. The more comfortable you are in your surroundings the easier to capture the true beauty of everyday moments.

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City Landmarks: Jersey City has amazing landmarks that make for meaningful backdrops. The joy of shooting your friends/family discover these landmarks makes for pure joy!