15 Things To Know About City Parenting in Jersey City

Adopted by an interview with CityKin


Coming from the luxury fashion world, I NEVER anticipated I would move out of Manhattan let alone to ‘New Jersey’ <<insert snarky tone here>>. I spent my career growing inspirational brands like Alexander McQueen, Brunello Cucinelli and Nili Lotan. The world revolved around NYC, anything else was reserved for the sell-outs, the ones who couldn’t tough-it out raising kids in NYC! 

Fast forward, to my current address - Jersey Avenue, Jersey City, New Jersey ( You couldn’t fit more Jerseys into one singular address if you tried) and I couldn’t be happier.  My love for my neighborhood goes so deep that it inspired me to write a coffee table book on the beauty of life in Jersey city.

Here’s what you probably don’t know about Jersey City and you can’t appreciate until you come to experience it for yourself:


It’s having the best of both worlds. The perfect balance of a peaceful life in owning a townhouse with a backyard and the proximity – 12 minutes  – to the NYC hectic scene.


A backyard is much more attainable in Jersey City than its older sister NYC.

The sense of community is unparalleled – old school Jersey City is still preserved and thriving with the amazing influx of great families looking to settle in and create a well-balanced, grounded life for their little ones. A community of kind hearted people all committed to making Jersey City the best it can be.


It’s the most diverse city in the country. People from all different ethnic and religious backgrounds coming together to form one cohesive community.


Jersey City has the better view… Hi NY!

There are miles of neighborhood streets of beautiful brownstones to walk. If you’re looking for something different the Jersey City Waterfront Walkway stretches for 18.5 miles, great for photoshoots, strolls, marathons, or taking in the view - We live our daily lives under the most iconic backdrop in the world.


Brownstones in Jersey City…NYC #bye

Jersey is a walking city…and a biking city ( We have Citi Bike!)… and a driving city… and a scooting city… and a ferry city… and so much more– the transportation options in and around JC are endless.


Liberty State Park Complaining about lack of green space in your city, not here! Liberty State Park is 1,212 acre state park with miles of green open space alongside the Statue of Liberty. The site for many summer festivals, celebrations, live music and lawn performances.


Liberty Street Park looking over some sweet skyline views

Liberty Science Center Want to stay in doors? Liberty Science Center – an interactive science museum and learning center has engaging exhibits for all ages including an ever changing schedule of installations for the little ones including Thomas the Train, DocMcstuffin, Sesame street and so much more. It’s also home to the largest Planetarium in the Western Hemisphere

Mana Contemporary Jersey City has a thriving arts scene with city-wide arts events in which local businesses and residential buildings open their doors to display the work of local artists. One of the main pillars of the Jersey City arts world is Mana Contemporary, sited by the New York Times as the art world’s best kept secret. This 1.5 million square foot Art center is made up of studio spaces, art exhibits, music studios, dance performance space – all open to the public.

Beer gardens galore! When you’re looking for some space outdoors where you can monitor your kids and a beverage in hand, we have tons of kid-friendly beer gardens within walking distance from the house.