Visit - Central Roalroad of NJ Station

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Built in 1864, the Central Railroad of New Jersey (CRRNJ) terminal was constructed primarily on landfill from New York City and ballast from ocean going vessels. By the turn of the century, the CRRNJ complex was the largest in the New York Harbor accommodating 30,000-50,000 people per day. With the opening of the Immigration Station on Ellis Island, it is estimated that two-thirds of Ellis Island newcomers, welcomed by the Statue of Liberty, started their new lives via the CRRNJ terminal.

The CRRNJ declared bankruptcy and the terminal ceased passenger operations in April 1967. Deserted and falling into ruin, the CRRNJ terminal and the adjacent acreage was bought through local, state and federal funds. A massive clean-up campaign took place and by 1975 the building was added to both the State and National Register of Historic Places. 

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Today the terminal is the focus of community and statewide special events. Interpretive exhibits are on display, offering present day visitors the opportunity to experience both the history and the renaissance of this great landmark.