Atlas Public House


130 Newark Avenue

The core philosophy behind Atlas Public House is to create a certain old world hospitality - a cozy, intimate, communal experience - that both local residents and visitors can appreciate amongst the exciting, vast array of choices in Jersey City. From community dinners and jazz brunches to electric live music and renown DJs that can get the party going, Atlas Public House has offers abound. Two bars on the main floor showcase New Jersey craft beer on 24 taps, in addition to 

phenomenal cocktails and Jersey City’s most diverse wine selection. Atlas 

Public House aims to bring the world to its guests each and every time. The 

partners who created Atlas Public House spent years taste-tempting fare from Italy, France, Greece and Morocco and all over the world. Not just savoring it as the foodies they are, but also mastering their culinary artistry so they could recreate the extraordinary tastes, flavors and aromas of the world-class delights they serve.