5 Tips from Van Hook Cheese


Tips for Putting together the perfect Cheese Platter

  1. Use different milk types--cow, sheep, and goat should all be there. 

  2. Choose different textures-- include something hard and crunchy, a semi firm, and something softer.

  3. Trim cheese to a size that is easy to pick up and enjoy in a party setting. As a guest, it's hard to have a drink and napkin in one hand and a knife or other cheese implement in another, struggling to portion out some of the cheese you want to eat.

  4. Two types of crackers. Something savory and straightforward, and something chewier with fruit and nuts in it. 

  5. Sweet and savory accompaniments. Dried fruit works with almost all types of cheese. And include something with salt and acid. French cornichons, picked sweet peppers, marinated olives will all do the trick. 

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