A guide to Newborn life with Marlene Landauer

Marlene, Congratulations on motherhood! Such an exciting time in your life! 


What's the most surprising thing about motherhood?
How much patience I have gained. I was never a patient person before I became a mommy. I have really learned to let go. If the bed doesn’t get made on a specific day, it’s fine! Breathe and soak in the  time with you baby!

What resources in town have been the most useful to you?
Honestly, the community in my building is incredible. We live in an old warehouse full of artists and creative people and everyone has been beyond helpful in different ways. From sharing books on pregnancy, to sharing their newborn clothes, all the way to advice and parenting tips, it’s been beyond amazing! I have never once felt isolated throughout my pregnancy or even now, 5 weeks into mommyhood.


How would you describe the moms/family community in town?
Highly supportive!

Any tips for expectanting moms or families new to JC?
Enjoy this time as much as you can! It’s so special. Even if you have minor aches and pains, concentrate on the fact that you’re making another human!
I think places like FinallyHome JC or the JC moms group on Facebook can be wonderful resources! I also love our pediatrician Dr. Carmen Lebron of Baby Steps Pediatrics. She has really great tips and her attitude is very calm and loving towards “her” children.

How has your life in town changed
I’m definitely more in hibernation mode but am fully enjoying it. I have the luxury of not working and just being! This time with my daughter won’t come back so I focus on daily small things. Just watching her feed or how she looks up at me during playtime is very heart-warming to me.

What do you consider the one thing that all new moms should know?
With everything in life, being present is key. There are tons of things that “need to be done” but again, being present in the small activities, like cleaning dishes or tidying up the nursery is what is most important, as there is no future or past... just the present moment. That’s where LIFE happens.