Member Spotlight: Running with Jesse Barton

An insiders guide to working out and staying fit with Personal trainer Jesse Barton

Favorite places to run in JC

Liberty State Park. It has some of the most stunning views of any park I've ever had the pleasure of running in, and it's by the water, which is just so peaceful.

Along the harborside, from the Colgate Clock up to the Hoboken train terminal. I love the scenery, and the wind off the water is so refreshing-- especially in the warmer months.

Hamilton Park area. I like to do a few laps around the park, and then zig-zag across the streets nearby. There are some really beautiful houses and this run makes me remember why I love Jersey City so much.

Favorite places to workout

Liberty State Park and Hamilton Park are great for outdoor workouts. Even though I'm a personal trainer, I rarely enjoy working out inside. After a period of time, even the ritziest gyms start to feel stale to me. I like to be out and about and MOVING. BUT, if I absolutely have to work out inside, I either like doing so in the comfort of my apartment, or at Hoboken Fitness- the boutique private personal training studio I train at.

Congrats on your pregnancy! What are your top 5 workout now

1. Running. It just feels so good. Especially for my mind. I'm a lot slower than I was pre-pregnancy (damn you, shortness of breath!) but I love the cool air and just getting out and getting the blood flowing.

2. Push-ups. Gotta keep the upper body in shape! Push-ups are one of the simplest and also one of the most challenging exercises ever.

3. Downward facing dog. Stretches the whole back of the body & gets the blood flowing!

4. Bodyweight/light weight squats. Gotta keep the lower body in check! But I can't do super heavy weights right now. It feels like too much. Keep it light, keep it tight!

5. Planking- this will always be one of my favorites. It's super simple & super effective. Such a fantastic core & upper body exercise!

What I love about JC and things I look forward to for motherhood in town

I moved to JC after spending 13 years in Manhattan and Brooklyn. I was a total city girl, but I was tired of feeling constantly anonymous. I love that I can't go anywhere around JC without running into someone I know. I'm from rural Pennsylvania where everyone knows (or is related to) everyone else. I missed that sense of community. We also have some of the best dining anywhere! Seriously, the JC culinary scene is on fire! And I just dig the energy here. People in JC still have an edge (like New Yorkers) but there's a friendliness to it. Feels like home. I look forward to connecting with all the other moms here and running errands with my child. This is such a kid-friendly city and I envision popping by Milk, Sugar, Love for treats once the baby is old enough, and also taking him/her to Word. Basically, I just imagine bopping all over town with kid-in-tow. I can't wait. :)

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