United Nations - Finally Home JC Delegation

The Finally Home JC delegation joined the United Nations & Mindr to celebrate Mothers as Leaders and Changemakers on International Womens Day #mamameetup2018



Some of our Delegates share about their experiences:

Hali Epstein "Last weeks event left me feeling empowered. Seeing all the moms come out to represent a silent minority of women who want to get rid of the motherhood penalty. A penalty that society has made mothers feeling like they have to chose between a successful career or being an engaged mother. It was eye opening but yet not surprising when someone mentioned only 12% of the most powerful jobs in the U.S. are held by mothers vs the 80% held by fathers. Meanwhile mothers constitute 40% of the population and control 60%-70% of the consumer spending.

I also found it interesting that one panelist observed mothers tend to make a bigger difference in their community as entrepreneurs."











Esohe Alile-Motta"Empowering day celebrating #internationalwomensday at the #unitednations today. It’s amazing how statistics show how far we still have to go to have women “at the table” to be heard...But the beauty of it is that women/mothers are resilient; they PUSH THROUGH. We can’t give up! it needs to be better for our daughters. The women I met and heard speak today are doing incredible things and were so inspiring."

Lindsay Donnelly "This momma is tired, but filled with joy... Today I had the fortunate opportunity to attend the first-ever United Nations conference where ‘crying babies’ were invited. It was the perfect example of how real this women’s movement is. How needed it is. How much good will come from the change. I have so much more to say... but I’m tired as a mother!"


Mia Collin "Feeling inspired, empowered and motivated after attending the world's largest Mama Meetup at the U.N. on International Women's Day. Moms, with babies and toddlers, from all around the world met to listen to a panel of accomplished, inspiring mom leaders and to discuss the challenges facing mothers in the 21st century. According to the Motherhood + Public Power Index only 12% of the most powerful U.S leaders are mothers while they constitute 40% of the population and control 60%-70% of consumer spending! As long as the representation of mothers at the top, in business as well as government, is so low, it will be difficult to bring about changes in areas such as paid parental leave, eliminating the "mom wage penalty", flexible work hours, bringing down childcare costs, equal pay and other issues that are crucial to unleach the full potential moms could bring to the world. On a positive note, a record number of women are now running for office all across the country so there is hope for the future! Thank you to @mindrnyc and @globalmomschall for hosting this historic event, and to @finallyhomejc for organizing the JC delegation."


Nisha "What an incredible opportunity filled with amazing women. My little girl was a part of history today when they allowed children at a United Nations Delegation for the first time."