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There is so much to this city – so many lives being lived and so many stories being told. There is a history to be discovered, discussed and cherished and a bright future of change to be nurtured.  Familiar and frenetic, we find ourselves invigorated by the fast pace of Jersey City with its astonishing restaurant scene and flurry of social events and simultaneously calmed by its pockets of serenity and stillness. 


24 hours in jersey city



We believe community begins around the dinner table with the family you create in the neighborhood you live in. Where neighbors become friends, friends become family and this village of family is everything.


It’s the small, everyday decisions - where we choose to shop and how we spend our money- that ultimately define who we are. They become the tie between us as individuals and the greater good of the community.

Cozy cocktails & Quiet MOments

Places to unwind with a drink and good company. Inviting to all in the daylight or after hours.


Regardless of our individual decisions as parents, our children belong to and are shaped by the community we create around them. And every community is built and shaped on family.


Home is where love resides, memories are created, friends and family belong. It is the most important place to foster relationships –with those we live with and the community at large. A home’s structure and the way we choose to fill it are major factors in our daily moments.

our stories

Every neighborhood has its local heroes, the people who embody the character of the City. They’re the entrepreneurs, artists and catalysts that make up the heart of our community. This is their story.



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Weekly inspiration on life in Jersey City. Notable history, inspiring stories and engaging Content - all about our community.